Event Photos

Event Photos

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Post Christmas Luncheon – January 2017

img_1583 img_1584 img_1585 img_1586 img_1587 img_1588 img_1592 img_1594

Christmas Social – 2016

31423999591_7c2db701ea_o31424004031_5d6ffa4177_o31167539880_2d7aee5dbe_o31501514816_f35b86c474_o 31423990451_0800949877_o 31423995911_dd2777fd3d_o 31423996891_44271e54e1_o 31501517806_8bc1c79665_o

Photography Show – September 2016



Best Photo Contest


Tied for First Place: Fred Otley and Albina Hollins

Fred Otley


Albina Hollins


Photography Show

29815549992_66a7895964_odscn516229635799990_4f6e7f8af3_o 29846413361_cd30669d87_o 29895226706_55fa042d1b_o 29929746815_5c414ecd19_o dscn5149 dscn5154 fullsizerender


Post Christmas Luncheon – January 2016

01-DSCN5244 02-DSCN5245 03-DSCN5247 04-DSCN5248 05-DSCN5249 06-DSCN5250 07-DSCN5251 08-DSCN5252 09-DSCN5253 10-DSCN5254 11-DSCN5255 12-DSCN5256 13-DSCN5257 14-DSCN5258 15-DSCN5259 16-DSCN5260 17-DSCN5262 18-DSCN5263 19-DSCN5264 20-DSCN5265 21-DSCN5266 22-DSCN5267 23-DSCN5268 24-DSCN5270 25-DSCN5271 26-DSCN5275 27-DSCN5276 28-DSCN5278 29-DSCN5279

Photography Show – September 2015

IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0613 IMG_0615 IMG_0617 IMG_0618DSCN4348DSCN4351DSCN4352DSCN4360DSCN4366


fade beach SC POSTER ! SAT copyann

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  1. Joanne Struthers says:

    Looks good, thanks


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